When Honesty Isn't The Best Policy: A Woman Tells Her Stepsister Why Her Daughter Doesn't Get Invited To Parties 

The backstory

Sasha explains the situation in detail, highlighting the behavior issues of her stepsister’s daughter, Gemma.

The conversation between Sasha and Micah

Sasha detailed the dinner conversation she had with her dad and her stepsister, Micah, about her daughter Serena’s birthday party.

Sasha’s honesty

Sasha said that she wasn’t surprised that Gemma wasn’t invited to parties because of her behaviour and lack of social skills.

Micah’s reaction

Sasha explains how Micah was taken aback by her honesty and accused her of being cruel about a child.

The family’s reactions

Sasha said that her stepdad said she was right, but it’s hard to be honest in front of Micah about Gemma.