The 5 Times When Handwritten Thank You Cards Should Still Be Written

Why Write Handwritten Thank You Cards

People should consider writing handwritten thank-you cards for a few reasons.

When To Write Handwritten Thank You Cards

For High School Graduation Gifts For younger people, the first time they receive significant gifts could be when they graduate high school.

For Wedding Gifts Sometimes, brides and grooms will request specific gifts using a registry. 

For Bridal and Baby Shower Gifts Bridal and baby showers are organized to bless someone or a couple with gifts.

Following a Funeral When a loved one passes, people will often make donations in memory of the deceased. 

For Any Occasion, as Needed or Desired People should express their gratitude in their handwriting whenever they feel it’s appropriate or know the extra effort of a handwritten card will be appreciated.

The key to an excellent thank you note is being specific in the message. The best thank you notes will include the reason for the thank you (gift, help, support, etc.) and why it was appreciated, useful, or helpful. 

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