What Was It Really Like Growing Up in the 80s-2000s? Netizens Share Their Thoughts

by arnienicola.com

In this article we'll look at what it was really like living and growing up in the 80s-2000s according to people who experienced it firsthand. 

Nostalgia for a Simpler Time

The original poster (OP), posted this inquiry: "I was born in 2003. I wish I was born earlier...."

Ignorance is Bliss

One person responded, "We didn't know anything about the world beyond our own neighborhood. And as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss..."

Reliance on Different Technology

Another person pointed out that it wasn't much different in terms of technology. 

Childhood Memories vs. Reality

I have very fond memories of my own childhood but I’m also extremely careful to make sure I don’t fall into the mindset that my childhood was better than the next generation. 

Simplicity and Connection

"It was nice that you could just walk up to anybody and ask what the time was, or if they had a light for a cigarette."