When did gender reveal parties become a thing?

Written by John Doe

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more expecting couples looking for creative ways to announce the gender of their baby.

Written by John Doe

Who came up with gender reveal parties?

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While the exact origin of gender reveal parties is unclear, some sources point to an expectant couple from Los Angeles as being the first to hold one in 2008.

What is the point of gender reveal parties?

Gender reveal parties are a fun and creative way for expecting parents to share their news with family and friends.

How many months pregnant do you have to be to have a gender reveal party?

There is no set time for when gender reveal parties should be held, as long as you are able to reliably find out the gender of the baby. 

Who knows the gender for a gender reveal party?

The expecting parents then gives the envelope to a trusted relative or close friend, and that friend is given the task to make arrangements for the gender reveal balloon, cake or confetti.

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