What activities to do at a gender reveal party?

Are you getting ready to celebrate the exciting news of a new baby on its way? If so, then a gender reveal party is the perfect way to share this special moment with your family and friends.

What activities to do at a gender reveal party?

Have a Decorating Contest

Set Up Games

Play Baby Reveal Trivia

Take a Vote

Gender Reveal Word Scramble

Musical Chairs

Have a Photo Booth

How do you make  sure your gender reveal  is fun?

To make sure that your gender reveal party is fun and memorable, try to include activities that will get everyone excited and involved.

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How do you entertain guests at a gender reveal party?

How do you entertain guests at a gender reveal party?

To keep your guests entertained at a gender reveal party, make sure that you have a plan for the order of events at your party.

1. Pin the Bow 2. Baby Reveal Trivia 3. Vote for either blue or pink cards 4. Gender Reveal Word Scramble 5. Memory Guess Game  6. Name That Baby Item  7. Picture Matching Game  8. Drawing Contest

What are good prizes for gender reveal games?

What food to serve at gender reveal?

If you do decide to play games at your gender reveal party, make sure you have prizes for the winners!

1. Gender reveal cupcakes 2. Colorful fruit skewers 3. Mini donuts with colored sprinkles 4. Cheese and meat platter 5. Veggie platter with blue/pink dip options 6. BBQ sliders 7. Pink lemonade or blue punch drinks 8. Chocolate covered pretzels in pink/blue colors

Gender reveal party ideas for indoors

Homemade Gender Reveal Games

At a gender reveal party indoors, there are many creative and fun activities to keep everyone entertained

Gender Reveal Charades

Baby Bingo

Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt

Baby Pictionary

What’s In The Box

Easy Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Icebreaker Games For Gender Reveal

Baby Word Scramble

Trivia Challenge

Name That Baby Item

Match The Mommy & Daddy

Pin The Bow On The Baby

Guess How Many

Baby Pic Puzzle

Name That Tune

Baby Emoji Game

Baby Gender Trivia

Baby Word Search

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