She Demanded Her Partner To Come To A Pregnancy Scan During Work Hours And This Is What He Did

The Backstory A woman, who we will call Cheryl, has sparked a debate after sharing her story of demanding her partner join her for their first scan despite his new job. Cheryl, who is 12 weeks pregnant with their second child.

“About an hour before our first scan he called me and told me something had come up at work and he wasn’t going to be able to make it to the scan. I burst into tears and told him I needed him there,” Cheryl wrote.

He even left early to return to work, missing out on the full experience. Cheryl admits to feeling “cheated” out of the special moment, but also acknowledges the pressure her partner is under at his new job.

Others Weigh In

“He’s on probation at work right now. He loses that and the whole family is in trouble. He probably already felt badly because of having to work during this,” one person observed.

Another added, “He’s trying to provide for your family. If he’s at a new job, it’s critical that he stands out if he wants to rise higher from his current position.

Despite the differing opinions, many users emphasized the importance of open communication and understanding in any relationship.

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