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Wage Gap And Parenting Praise: 12 Male Privileges Women Will Never Experience

Going To The Bathroom

Men have the privilege of being able to pee standing up without having to take off their pants. 

No Periods

Men don't have to experience the pain and inconvenience of menstruation. 

Freedom from Harassment

Men don't have to fear being harassed on the streets, at work, at home, at school, or at a club. 

Men don't have to prove their legitimacy as gamers or sports fans. 

Gaming and Sports

Men aren't judged or criticized for choosing to not have children, and it's not seen as going against their gender's "natural instinct" or role in society. 

Childfree Choice

Masculine Hobbies

Men can enjoy traditionally "masculine" hobbies like sports without being accused of doing it just to impress men. 

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