Vegas And Shaving: People Share Things That Weren't as Exciting After Trying Them for the First Time

But once you have to work and pay for everything while constantly worrying about things you never even knew existed.

Being an Adult

Palm Tree
Palm Tree


As a kid, shaving may seem like a cool rite of passage into adulthood.


Walking into a casino for the first time may seem exciting, but once you're inside, it can be disappointing. 


One person said, "Probably put Vegas up there too. Just so many people mentally checked out at tables and slot machines. 

Owning a Horse

For horse-obsessed children, owning a horse may seem like a dream come true. 

Mousetrap Game

The Mousetrap game looked amazing on commercials, but in reality, it's difficult to set up and often falls apart. 

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

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