Vegan Dinner Gone Wrong: Man Is Furious After Being ‘Tricked’ To Eat A Vegan Dinner

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The woman, who we’ll call ‘Jane’ shared that she has been happily married with her husband for a year. 


She’s Vegan, He’s Not

A Surprise Gesture

We don’t usually end up getting to have fancy dinners at home as both of us work full time, but I found some time today to cook something up. 

She Prepares A Fancy Dinner

It was a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, but the pork wasn’t actually pork, instead it was jackfruit. 

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Husband Loved The Food At First

Jane’s husband loved the food she prepared for him. 

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Feeling Betrayed

I tried explaining that I wasn’t trying to turn him into a vegan, but he’d just walked away then. 

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