Understanding the Baby Blues After Birth

What Are the Baby Blues? The baby blues are a common experience that many new mothers have after giving birth. They typically start within the first few days after delivery and last up to two weeks.

Common Symptoms of the Baby Blues Include – Mood swings, where you feel emotional highs and lows throughout the day – Tearfulness (happy one minute, then crying the next) – Anxiety and restlessne – Irritability – Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much – Trouble concentrating

Baby Blues vs Postpartum Depression: A Comparison While the baby blues may share some common symptoms with postpartum depression, there are critical differences between the two.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms Include: – Persistent sadness or feelings of hopelessne – Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed – Changes in appetite and weight – Increased irritability and anger – Difficulty bonding with the baby – Thoughts of harming oneself or the baby

Risk Factors for Developing Postpartum Depression Baby blues happen to most new moms. Thankfully, postpartum depression, or psychosis, is much rarer and occurs in 1 out of 7 mothers. Certain factors put someone at a higher risk of developing it.

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