The 6 Different Learning Styles for Kids: What Parents Need To Know


Why It’s Important To Identify Your Child’s Preferred Learning Style

It Will Help Them Build Confidence   It Makes Learning More Enjoyable   It Can Help You Discover New Ways of Helping Them Learn  

How To Identify Your Child’s Preferred Learning Style

– What was easy? – Which learning styles would you like to try again? – What new things did you learn today?

Benefits of Using a Range of Different Learning Styles

Some children might identify with multiple learning techniques or a combination of all types.

What Are The 6 Different Learning Styles?

– Visual learning – Auditory learning – Logical learning – Kinesthetic learning – Social learning – Intrapersonal learning

How To Identify a Social Learner

– Find a study group, group discussion, or another social aspect for them to attend – Ensure they get enough socialization with others each day – Offer lots of educational games or other group activities such as these would you rather games for kids

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