Trouble With In-Laws: 

At Her Wit’s End When Her In-Laws Insist On Doing This When Her Son Comes Over

For one mother, the issue of separate clothes for her son at her mother-in-law’s house has become a point of contention. 

Good Relationship

The woman, who we’ll call ‘Mina’ starts off by saying “I have a pretty good relationship with my in-laws. They’re good parents/grandparents/in-laws.” 

Separate Set Of Clothes

“My son is 2 and their first and only grandchild. My mother-in-law buys clothes for him to keep at her house. I pack his bags and dress him and she will change his clothes  

Growth Spurt

Mina recently talked to her in-laws about her son’s growth spurt. Her MIL immediately says she now has to go shopping for new clothes for her grandchild. 

Living 2 Hours Away

Mina tried to clarify the situation by adding, “We live about two hours away from them. He’ll go to their house for a weekend (maybe) once a month.  

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