Top Smart Home Trends for 2023 and Beyond

The number of smart homes in the United States is expected to reach 77.1 million by 2025, per research published by Statista in 2021. The global smart home industry is valued at an incredible $80 billion market.

Benefits of a Smart Home

Smart homes are no longer just a concept in sci-fi movies; they’re now a reality that can truly enhance our lives. With features ranging from voice-activated lighting to automated security system

2023 Smart Home Trend

Green Technology in the Home Smart home technology opens the door to a greener, more sustainably-minded lifestyle. Emerging trends are providing homeowners with low-power and low-carbon living solutions.

2023 Smart Home Trend

Smart Kitchen and Laundry Appliance In 2023, “smart” is no longer a buzzword–it’s a lifestyle. We’re not just conversing

2023 Smart Home Trend

Home Entertainment Voice-activated speakers, for instance, are a hit with audiophiles and music fans. Smart home speakers aren’t just overpriced tech; they’re rapidly becoming a staple in any smart home.