Top Aquarium Fish for Novices

We compiled this list of the 15 best aquarium fish for beginners to help you start. From the hardy goldfish to the vibrant betta, these beginner aquarium fish will add life and color to your new tank!

1. Goldfish

There’s a reason why the goldfish is perhaps the most recognizable fish in existence. These iconic pets are hardy, easy to take care of and live relatively long.

2. Betta

Bettas don’t need much in terms of maintenance. They can be housed in relatively small aquariums, especially if they’re the sole occupant.

3. Guppies

Guppies are small, lively fish that can add a splash of color to any tank. They come in an array of vibrant hues and patterns.

4. Mollies

Like the guppy, the molly fish comes in different colors and patterns. Some of the most common variants for beginner fish keepers include the Short-Fin, the Sailfin, and the Lyretail.

5. Tetras

Tetras are some of the easiest fish to care for beginners. They’re trendy in the beginner fishkeeping community due to their small size and bright colors.