Top 5 Best Infant Toys For Your Newborn

As moms (whether you are a first time mom or not), we want the absolute best for our babies. That’s why if you are a mom you are probably looking into the best infant toys.

1. Lovevery play kits

It comes with a mobile, black and white play links, black and white cards, baby rattle, and a black and white book.

2. Lovevery Play gym

A play gym is beneficial in developing your baby’s gross motor skills and senses. The range of colors, textures, and sounds will keep your baby entertained.

3. Soft cloth baby books

4. Teething Toys

It is developmentally appropriate, priced well and it’s a hit for many moms of newborns!

There are plenty of teething toys out there, but this toy from Amazon is the best if you want to hold your baby’s attention.

5. Black and white cards

What kind of toys are good for newborns?

There are plenty of black and white cards available in the internet but I added this in this post as an example of what black and white cards you should get.

According to Babylist, the best toys for newborns are those that are safe and simple yet stimulate their senses and encourage gross motor skills.

When should newborns have toys?

Newborns should have toys right when they come home. Although they won’t use it so much the first few days of their life, it’s good to have newborn toys handy.

How do I play with my 2 week old newborn?

Here are some great ways you can entertain or play with your newborn: Hold up high contrast (black and white) cards for your baby to look at. Sing to your baby. Take your baby around the home and describe what you are looking at. Make faces, talk to and giggle at your baby.   Give your baby a massage.

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