Top 15 Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

A little surprise can spark some major excitement on this journey through parenthood!

How long you should wait to tell your husband you’re pregnant Some people feel that you should wait until you have passed the first trimester; others feel that you should wait until the end of your first month.

The best time to tell your husband that you’re pregnant Wait for him to get home and gauge his mood. If he’s keen on starting a family, announcing the pregnancy after a stressful day may help relieve some of the stress

How do you tell your husband you’re pregnant when it wasn’t planned? If you recently found out you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned you should assess the situation first

Top ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband

1. “We’re Pregnant!” gift package

2. Make a list of all the things you want for your baby’s room and put it in an envelope taped to his pillow

3. Draw a picture of yourself pregnant with his child and leave it somewhere he’ll see it

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