10 Things That People Do That Make Them Look Stupid

Choking on Your Spit

“When you go to speak and choke on your own spit and sit there for 30 minutes coughing to try and collect yourself.”

Picking Up a Credit Card

Trying to pick up a credit card from a perfectly smooth floor can make you look like a fool. Especially when you keep missing it.

Chasing a Ping Pong Ball

Running after a ping pong ball that’s rolling on the floor is never a good look. You end up looking like a dog chasing its tail.

Misunderstood Greetings

The moment when you think someone is waving at you or saying “hi” in a public place, but it’s not aimed at you. So you try and play it cool, but it’s never cool.”

Walking Down Uncomfortable Steps

Walking down stone steps that are uncomfortably spaced can make you look like you’re doing a lunge workout.