Things People Have Said To New Moms About Their Babies That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Not as Cute as Her Nephew

One person shared that their unlikable stepmom said their baby was "not as cute as [her nephew]." 

Nose Comments

Another mom shared that she's had multiple people comment on her mixed-race toddler's nose, saying it's not as cute as a "white" (pointy) nose. 

Not as Beautiful as Her Grandson

One person shared that her mom said no one can be as beautiful as her grandson, who was her only grandkid at the time. 

Threats to Take the Baby

Another person shared that their mother-in-law keeps threatening to "take" their baby because she's being "helpful." 

Stranger Asking to Hold the Baby

One person shared that a stranger at Disney World asked if they could hold their baby. 

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