Things Not To Do In Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Start A New Workout Routine

You might be feeling short of breath even from just walking short distances, heck, you might be feeling short of breath even while just sitting down.

Long Trips (And Travelling By Plane)

Travelling by plane is a different story, however. According to the Government of Canada, most airlines restrict air travel in late pregnancy due to increased risk of blood clot.

Heavy Lifting

Ok before you say anything, I don’t mean heavy lifting as in lifting barbells and going to your HIIT class. Unless you were a body builder before getting pregnant, you shouldn’t even be thinking of lifting weights

Googling Everything

So, if you are in doubt, and especially during your third trimester, it’s best to consult a reputable pregnancy book for the information you are looking for.

Hot Baths/Jacuzzis/Sauna

According to WebMD, hot baths are not safe for pregnancy as it increases your body’s internal temperature, which can lead to a higher risk of birth defects for baby.