They Were Using Her As A Babysitter For Their Kid Without Asking First

The Backstory

One parent is facing this situation after her son’s friend and his parents moved 15 minutes away from their home.

Moving To A New City

The parent, who we will refer to as Ally, said they had recently moved into the neighborhood. “My son and I moved to the city a few months back.

Ally Doesn’t Have A Relationship With Them

“I’m not close with them. Sometimes they will text me “thank you” after they pick him up, which will be the only communication we have about it.."

The Situation Hinders Ally’s Dinner Schedule

Ally says that the situation slows her down in her routine. “I work from home after my son gets out of school, so I have things I need to do.."

Others Weigh In

One parent suggested texting the parents politely, “Hey, just wanted to let you know that I will be unable to watch your son after school any longer.

Another parent suggested that Ally should call the parents and tell them that she cannot have him over during her work hours, and that’s that.

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