They Said She Is Not Good At Her Job After She Announced Her Pregnancy

One woman complained on Reddit about her work situation after announcing her pregnancy. The original poster (OP) works for a sizeable company where she was promoted twice within five months. 

At four months of pregnancy, OP went to Human Resources (HR) to discuss maternity leave.

Soon after, her direct manager, who rarely connects with her, went out of his way to speak with her to say she was doing poorly at her job and that she will be moved to another department with a switch in the schedule.

Announcing Her Pregnancy

She added that HR told her that the company doesn’t have maternity leave and that she would have to file for disability if she wanted to take time off after giving birth.

Company Does Not Offer Maternity Leave

One user said, “Start documenting everything now. Create a notebook and take notes on all interactions and changes to work life. Dates/times you spoke to HR and your manager.

Document Everything

The person also added, “You need an employment lawyer (unless you are unionized, in which case you want a labor lawyer and to contact your union). 

Consult an Employment Lawyer

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