The Top Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Know When Expecting

Want to know the top signs that you might be pregnant? 

Top Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Missed Period This is the first sign that most women notice right before speculating about a possible pregnancy.

2. Cramping and Backaches Another early sign of pregnancy is cramping and backaches.

3. Spotting If you are expecting to get your period and see a little spotting, you may think that you’re in the clear, thinking it is the beginning of your period.

4. Fatigue Let’s be real: fatigue can be caused by a whole bunch of things: stress at home, at work, or even at school.

5. Nausea If you are experiencing nausea, it is easy to discount it as a cold or the flu.

6. Mood Swings Blame it on PMS, or blame it on the baby. Mood swings is another confusing sign, because it could signal your incoming period.

7. Heightened Sense of Smell This may sound like you have a new super power, but in reality this symptom also sucks.

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