The Only Baby Shower Checklist You Need to Plan For A Super Fun Baby Shower

1. Create Your Baby Registry First on the list is to create your baby registry, and put in all the items you and your baby need. Have no idea what to put in your baby registry?

2. Invitations Before anything else, please don’t forget to send out invitations to your baby shower!

3. Baby Shower Games So this one isn’t necessary an essential, and if you don’t want to have games at your baby shower, then that’s totally up to you!

4. Food and Refreshments Figure out what type of food you’d like to have on your baby shower. The most common set up is having a buffet style set up

5. Decor Theme The very foundation of an instagram-worthy baby shower is to have a decor theme and decorations to go along with it.

6. Decorations Of course, after figuring out your theme, make sure you give yourself enough time to get the decorations to make your vision come to life.

7. Cake/Dessert Table If you’re going to order cake, make sure to get one that’s in line with your decor!

8. Party Favors This one is also optional, but if you do decide to give out party favors, make sure it goes with your theme.

9. Set-Up & Take-Down Teams Make sure you enlist the help of your close friends and family when putting together your baby shower.

10. Cameras! Don’t forget your cameras! In the chaos of it all, make sure that your phones/DSLR/Video cameras are all fully charged on the big day!

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