The One Surprising Tactic That Three Unknown Women Did To Make A Toddler Stop Crying

The Backstory

One day, a woman had to go to the craft store with her 7 week old and almost two year old. “Everything was going great until we were leaving and my toddler started getting fussy...

“Suddenly, he escaped my grasp and started to run,” the mom of two recalled. “I had to momentarily let go of the stroller with the newborn in it to grab his arm and pull him back.

“Now, my toddler is still pulling away at this point. These ladies, moms and grandmas themselves, pulled the coolest move I’ve ever seen and I didn’t even fully process what they did until they left.

This “tantrum diffuser” strategy was successful, as the mom noticed her toddler immediately stopping his screaming and clinging to her like a lifeline.

Overwhelmingly Positive Response

I think it’s called a redirection tactic. They distracted him from his meltdown by making him focus on something else.”

“I’m crying at the part where you broke down in tears inside the car and laughing at the scream that could be heard “from space.” Oh my, have I been there.