Without a Degree To Start Earning Without Student Debt

The Highest Paying Jobs

If you’ve Googled “high-paying jobs without a degree,” you’ve likely seen lists with six-figure incomes and other lofty figures. But it’s important to note that these salaries are often the outliers, not the norm. 

What Is Considered a “High-paying” Job?

This extensive list of jobs you can get without a bachelor’s degree is based on data from sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The Highest-paying Jobs Without a Degree

As you read through these options, you may notice a few primary categories that most of these jobs fall under: – Hard labor (sometimes referred to as blue-collar work) – Basic tech

Most of These Jobs Boil Down to 3 Main Categories

What are the best-paying jobs is a difficult question, as it depends on the job type and skills you bring to the table. 

What Is The Highest Paid Job That Doesn’t Require a College Degree?

Choosing a high-paying job that allows you to grow from entry-level, gain valuable experience, and scale is a great way to reach six figures and beyond. 

Are There Paying Jobs $100,000+ That Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree?