The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts For Expecting Dads in 2023

In the excitement of finding out about a pregnancy, mom and baby are usually at the spotlight, while dads are usually left in the background.

What do new parents need?

Here’s a list of items new parents may need and find useful as they venture into life with a baby: – Pregnancy books – Baby swing – Diapers – Formula or breastfeeding/pump supplies – Car seat – Lots of patience and love

What do first time dads need?

Here are some other things first-time dads might need to make their lives with a newborn easer are: – Gripe water – for colic – Baby carrier – to carry baby when he/she gets fussy – Diaper bag – useful for outings with baby – Baby swing – to rock baby to sleep – Car seat – absolutely necessary to bring baby home from the hospital

What do new parents need in the hospital?

– A change of clothes – Comfortable shoes/socks/slippers (it might get chilly in the hospital) – A blanket and pillows – Food/snacks – Cellphone and charger (to take videos and pictures and contact loved ones if needed) – Wallet/proof of identification – A strong stomach, good attitude and be the moral support your wife needs

What do you put in a care package for new parents?

– Coffee and coffee mug – Meal subscription service – Daddy and me/mommy and me baby book

Best Gift Ideas For Dad

– 1. Pregnancy book (made specifically for dad) – 2. New Dad gift package – 3. New dad mug – 4. Skincare set – 5. Sleep mask and ear plugs – 6. Pajama pants (for lounging) – 7. Indoor slippers – 8. Nespresso machine – 9. Travel coffee mug – 10. Babywearing hoodie

Best Gift Ideas For Dad

– 11. Daddy and me books – 12. Personalized baby book – 13. Star map – 14. Birth Poster – 15. Personalized keychain – 16. Personalized necklace – 17. Dad and baby matching outfit – 18. Baby carrier – 19. Baby Monitor – 20. Smart Watch – 21. Trackable Wallet – 22. Phone Charger

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