The 23 Most Compelling Arch Nemesis Pairings in Fiction


The hero-villain pairing resulting in an arch-nemesis duo is a tried and true fictional trope, offering viewers a sense of security in knowing who the good guy is, who the bad guy is, and who will eventually come out on top. 

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What Is an Arch Nemesis?

An arch nemesis is a constant foil. It’s someone who’s always out to thwart our hero.

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The Best Arch Nemesis Stories in Fiction

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Batman and Joker

Batman and the Joker showcase one of fiction’s most popular arch-nemesis pairs.

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Superman and Lex Luther

The quintessential lawful hero, Superman, constantly thwarts Lex Luther’s evil plans for world domination.

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Wonder Woman and Cheetah

Throughout the ages, Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis morphed from an insecure debutante jealous of Wonder Woman’s ability to a powerful villain on a mission from her own evil gods.