Teenager Struggles with Stepparent and Stepsibling Due To What She Said To Her Mom

The Backstory

Sera was only 7 when her world was shattered by the sudden death of her beloved father. Since then, the now 16-year-old girl has faced another major challenge:

Sera’s Mom Remarries

Sera’s aunt, who we’ll call Julie shared the story of how her sister Viv remarried a man named Michael, who had a daughter named Mia, and how Sera reacted to the news.

Sera Didn’t Want Her Mom To Remarry

“She told Viv she wanted her to herself and didn’t want to be second choice to her. Viv, instead of showing concern that Sera would feel that way.

Julie Tries To Intervene

Julie has since become a supportive figure in Sera’s life, and has tried to intervene and mediate the family conflict.

Sera’s Mom Says Julie Is Ruining Her Family

“Viv didn’t like how much time Sera was spending with us,” Julie said. She notes that Viv confronted her and she told Viv “she would lose her daughter if she doesn’t get over this grudge