Stingy Boomer Dad Calls Son Spoiled Because He Needs Help To Pay For His Wedding

The 57-year-old man said his 23-year-old son is engaged to a woman named Peggy. “They have been engaged for 5 months or so.” 

Engaged Son

“Our culture dictates that Peggy’s father and I share the costs for their wedding. He (her father) said we should provide $10k each, a total $20k budget." 

Giving Money For The Wedding

After he told his son how much he is going to give, the son said it wasn’t going to be enough. 

Not Enough

The son said, “I don’t mind, I figured that me and Peggy would have to pay for some of the wedding”. 

Son Said It’s Ok

The father was confused. “I asked what he meant. He said no way would they be able to do their wedding in under $10k.” 

Dad Thinks 10K Is Enough For A Wedding


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