Stepfather’s Shocking Demand To Split Inheritance Equally Among Children Causes Outrage

A Reddit thread has recently garnered a lot of attention after the original poster (OP) shared her dilemma surrounding her daughter’s inheritance from her late husband.

Unfortunate Accident The thread was opened by OP lamenting her late husband. “When my daughter was 7, we lost her father to an avoidable accident. Due to that and the subsequent settlement.

She Remarries To A Man With Two Children of His Own OP remarried another man with two children of his own. “That said, life moves on, and I remarried six years after my former husband’s passing to a lovely man who has two children of his own..

Both Daughters are Heading To College Her daughter was admitted to her dream school, where her late father was an alumnus. “My stepdaughter will also be attending a wonderful school that is one the top-ranked schools for her interests.”

One commentor said, “The gall of him. OP’s daughter lost her father. There can never be anything fair between her and her step-siblings. 

“This needs to be nipped in the bud and not even open for discussion,” another Redditor said.

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