Stepfather Demands To Split Stepdaughter's Inheritance From Deceased Father Equally Amongst Children

Unfortunate Accident The thread was opened by OP lamenting her late husband. “When my daughter was 7, we lost her father to an avoidable accident.

Due to that and the subsequent settlement, my daughter was able to have a trust fund of sorts that provided for college, grad school if she wanted, and even some left over for whatever life might bring.

She Remarries To A Man With Two Children of His Own

Six years after her late husband passed, OP remarried another man with two children of his own. “That said, life moves on..

Both Daughters are Heading To College

The issue came up because both daughters are now heading to college. Her daughter was admitted to her dream school, where her late father was an alumnus.

Stepdaughter Will Have To Take Out Loans

OP describes the situation: both her stepchildren have college funds; however, their funds are much smaller than her daughter’s. “

Most Comments Are In Woman’s Favor

One commentor said, “The gall of him. OP’s daughter lost her father. There can never be anything fair between her and her step-siblings. They have their dad.

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