30 Spring Crafts for Kids That Are Simple, Fun, and Sweet

These spring craft ideas include gardens, animals, flowers, rain, bugs, and butterfly creations.

Spring Crafts Perfect for Gardeners

1. DIY Seed Paper

2. Flower Pot Dessert

3. Terrarium Necklace

4. Garden Markers

5. Build a Bird Feeder

Rain Crafts for a Rainy Day

6. Umbrella Craft

7. Rainbow Collage

8. Rainy Rainbow Canvas

9. Umbrella Props

10. Gravity Painting

Flower Crafts Any Gardener Will Love

11. Tissue Paper Tulips

12. Paint With Flowers

13. Flower Stamps

14. Adorable Fake Flowers

15. Potato Flower Stamp

Butterfly Crafts That Make Beautiful Art

16. Colorful Butterfly

17. Sun Catcher Butterfly

18. Coffee Filter Butterfly

19. Butterfly Puppet

20. Butterfly Prints