Slurping And Apologizing: 12 Cultural Norms That Shock Outsiders

Babies Sleeping Outside

In Denmark, it's common to put babies outside to sleep, even in winter and sub-zero temperatures.


In Canada, saying "sorry" isn't always an apology. Sometimes, it means "screw you" instead. 

In most of Asia, it's common to live with your parents until you're married, even if you're reaching your 30s. 

Living with Parents

In many Asian cultures, slurping while eating is a sign of enjoyment and is considered polite, while in Western culture, it's considered rude. 


Short Maternity Leave

In the USA, it's common for women to work up until the day they give birth and then have to go back to work 2-6 weeks later, depending on the company. 

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Floral Pattern

No Prescription Required

In Vietnam, it's possible to buy anything from the local pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. 

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