Is it better to start with a balance bike?

Balance bikes are ideal for toddler riders, as they can help them hone their balance and coordination skills while easily controlling the bike.

Is a balance bike better than a pedal bike?

Balance bikes are great for toddler riders still developing their motor skills. Still, for older and more experienced riders, pedal bikes may be the better choice.

When should I start using a balance bike?

It’s best to introduce your toddler to a balance bike as early as possible since it can help them get used to riding on two wheels.

At what age do you stop using a balance bike?

No set age at which a toddler should stop using a balance bike, as every toddler develops differently.

Do kids need a balance bike first?

Whether or not your toddler needs to use a balance bike first before transitioning to a pedal bike largely depends on their skill level and experience with riding bikes.

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