Mother-In-Law Pressures Pregnant Woman to Breastfeed – Outrage Ensues

The Backstory In an age of increased awareness surrounding parental rights, the pressure to breastfeed can often cause a conflict between mother and mother-in-law.

The Backstory “I’m pregnant with my first kid and to be quite honest, I do not want to breastfeed,” she says.

The Backstory Unfortunately, this mother-in-law is intent on convincing the mom-to-be to breastfeed, going so far as to criticize her doctor for supporting her choice.

People Say The Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Get To Decide As another mother puts it, “Opinions are like butt holes; everyone’s got one. I’m a bottle fed formula baby who is completely and totally fine.

People Say The Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Get To Decide When it comes to standing up for her own wishes, the mother-to-be should remember that her mother-in-law’s opinion does not get a vote.

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