She Shuts Down Her Cousin Because Her Mom Told Her A Secret

Woman’s Mother Is The Culprit

To throw off her cousin, Cathy told her that she wasn’t pregnant. However Cathy’s cousin texted her again and told her that her mom (Cathy’s aunt) told her about the pregnancy

She Wanted To Announce On Her Own Terms

Annoyed, Cathy told her cousin that it would have been better if she didn’t ask at all, as she wanted to “announce it instead on social media instead.”

She Is Angry At The Wrong Person

Many people have voiced their opinion on the situation, including one commenter who said, “Why are you being rude to your cousin when your problem is with your mother

Cousin Didn’t Know

Another offered the opinion that, “The cousin had no way of knowing she wasn’t supposed to know and was just trying to be nice

She Was Just Being Polite

A third pointed out, “Why are you blaming her? She was being polite, she didn’t leak the info your mother did. You should have contacted your mom as soon as she texted you the first time