She Refuses To Allow Her Child To Sleepover At Her Aunt's House Because Of This - Is She Wrong?

The Mother’s Perspective The mother (OP), a 33-year-old, shared that she dislikes her sister-in-law (SIL)’s new boyfriend due to his behavior. She explained that when they were living in separate apartments in the same complex

“They would fight and break things all hours of the night to the point where either my husband or myself would go up to check and make sure they were both still alive,” she wrote.  

Her Sister-in-Law’s Relationship According to OP, “When I first started seeing my now husband, SIL was with someone who I had known for over half my life. When they separated I was very neutral, and they have no issues

Her Sister-in-Law’s Relationship With Her Daughter I love my sister in law, she’s one of my best friends and life really has hit her hard the last two years. She loves her niece but now never comes to see her because she has to bring her BF

The Crowd Weighs In One person said, “Your kids safety comes before SILs feelings or your relationship with her. You’ve flat out heard the fighting.