Expecting Mother Draws the Line on Hospital Visitors

The Backstory

“I am expecting my first child in a little over a month. My mom wanted to fly out and be here for the birth and to be at the hospital with me. My dad died 11 months ago and three months ago mom told me she had started seeing someone.”

Emma Surprised That Her Mom Is Dating

“It was a little bit of a surprise but I told mom if she was happy I would be happy for her, but asked her to give me some time before trying to include him with me.

The Dilemma

She expressed her discomfort with having her mother’s boyfriend present during such a vulnerable time and suggested introducing him during a future get-together.

Others Weigh In

One commenter stated, “Your mom needs to respect your boundaries. The baby won’t know who was there when they were born.” Another commenter emphasized the importance of the mother’s decision.

The Mother’s Selfishness

Another commenter pointed out the mother’s selfishness in trying to make the birth about her and her boyfriend. They stated, “Your mum is trying to make this birth about her, when in reality this process is about you, your partner and the baby.”