She Is Distraught After A Daycare Provider Tells Her 4-Year-Old She Smells Bad

Everything Seemed Normal

Nothing was odd about her behavior. 

Daughter Said She Needs A Bath

“Mommy I need to take a bath”.  That’s when she found out that one of the ladies at daycare told her that her head smells and that she needs to take a bath. 

No Smell

“I smelled my daughters hair and it didn’t stink at all. My daughter has fresh cornrows in, and her hair was washed thoroughly prior to the braiding".

Embarrassed In Front Of Other

“[My daughter] said that the daycare provider told her she needs to take bath, and the other kids heard.” 

Speaking To The Daycare Provider

The mother is resolved to find out exactly what happened, but is looking for advice on how to proceed. 

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