She Found A Clever Way To Make Sure Her Neighbor Stops Skipping Taking Out The Trash

Being A Good Neighbor

In an effort to be a good neighbor, the original poster (OP) offered to take out the trash, only for her neighbor to take it for granted and abuse the situation.

The neighbor has failed to take in the trash bins, leading to an overflowing amount of waste. “We stopped pulling her trash cans and she never put hers out and it was piling up,” OP said.

Unfortunately, the agreement was not honored. “Now cut to literally the next week, trash truck comes and leaves, 2 days later. Trash cans are still out,” said OP.

Others Weigh In

With the neighbor’s inconsiderate behavior creating a difficult situation, OP has chosen to lock their trash bin in order to protect it from being used by their neighbor.

Others Weigh In

“She’s making it a you problem which means it’s no longer a “mind your business” problem. Taking the trash bins in is really easy, even if you have a long driveway or something.