Which Arizona National Parks Are Best for Your Next Family Trip?

National Parks Arizona boasts three full-fledged national parks. Each offers something unique with scenery and activities.

Grand Canyon National Park The Grand Canyon sits in Arizona’s northwest corner, about 60 miles from Williams and 80 miles from Flagstaff. One of America’s most iconic attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Top Activities Although many visitors are content to stare at the surreal canyon, it offers many things to do. Popular activities include hiking and horseback riding on the park’s trails.

Wildlife Grand Canyon harbors elk, bighorn sheep, and bison. Bighorn sheep may be found along the canyon’s rugged terrain, while elk quietly feed along trails opposite the canyon.

Petrified Forest National Park Located in northeastern Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park is a 1.5-hour drive east of Flagstaff. Despite its name, the park has few trees.

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