Sarcastic Answers To ‘How To Save?’ Highlights Millennial Financial Struggles

Make More Than You Spend or Spend Less Than You Make

“Either make more than you spend, or spend less than you make. You can do it too, trust me.”

Invest in Education

One person is regretful that the only way he is able to save is to spend years on education. “Had to get a masters degree to get a high paying job.  

Struggle to Save

“I’m not able to. Went to school, got a bachelor’s and work in IT for a college. Did everything right.”   

Buy Second-Hand

Many millennials understand this as buying used items becomes more mainstream and accessible through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and the like. 

‘We Don’t’

Another person said, “We don’t lol.” Although the answer has a lighthearted tone, the sense of pain from the financial woes of Millenials can be felt by this simple answer. 

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