This breast pump is designed to be worn in your regular nursing bra or pumping bra without needing to be plugged in, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Motor (battery powered) Momcozy wireless breast pumps provide an innovative and convenient alternative to traditional breast pumps.

Duckbill Valve The duckbill valve is a key component of the breast pump and can help to prevent leaks while pumping.

Collection Cup The collection cup is the other main component of the breast pump and is where milk will be collected when pumping.

Breast Shield and Flange This is the part that needs to fit snugly on your breast so that you can ensure there is no leakage when you are pumping.

Connector & Diaphragm The pump parts of this breast pump are all made of food grade silicone and BPA free plastic.

Other Specifics about Momcozy Breast Pumps

How long does the momcozy pump for? The momcozy breast pump pumps for 20 minutes straight and automatically turns off.

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