Realtors And Feet Pic Sellers: Reddit Users Share Professions That Offer a Lot of Money for Doing Something Insignificant


One person shared, "My aunt is a landlord with 4 properties. The tenants pay for their repair and maintenance in exchange for low rent, which is still a good deal because the rent really is the lowest in the area. 


Another said Realtors are useless. "If the job ceased to exist, the world would not change. For the amount of work they do, the pay seems way outsized. 

Reaction Streamers 

Reaction streamers make money by watching and reacting to videos online. While it can be entertaining, it's not exactly a difficult job and some argue that they are overpaid for what they do. 

Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge fund managers make a lot of money, despite the fact that studies have shown that monkeys can do just as well at managing funds. 

Feet Pic Seller

One person said feet pic sellers, who make money by selling pictures of their feet are paid too much for what they do. 

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