Project Manager Receives Negative Performance Review Immediately After She Revealed This

She Receives Negative Performance Review

She received a negative performance review, including an action plan, 30 days before her scheduled review.

The project manager is determined to protect her leave and insurance between now and her due date. She said, “Unless they want to make it an obvious discrimination case, they’re going to have to keep me..

Others Weigh In

The project manager’s story has garnered attention and support on Reddit. Commenters have offered advice and encouragement to the project manager.

Others Weigh In

One commenter suggested, “I’d also ask for written feedback on your work from coworkers praising you/your work/your efforts.” This could serve as additional evidence to support her case.

Others Weigh In

Unfortunately, stories like the project manager’s are not uncommon. Discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers is still a prevalent issue in many workplaces.


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