Pregnant Woman Wants To Throw Her Own Baby Shower Despite Others Saying It’s Tacky

In a Reddit post, the mother-to-be asks for opinions on throwing a co-ed baby BBQ in lieu of a traditional baby shower. She explains her predicament, “I’m a planner by nature.

The idea of a co-ed baby BBQ is not a new one, but the question of whether it is tacky or not persists. The expectant mother is aware of this and seeks advice from the forum.

Others Weigh In

Some commenters on the forum expressed their support for the idea of a co-ed baby BBQ. One commenter wrote, “I don’t think it’s tacky, especially since no one offered to throw you a shower.

Others Weigh In

Another commenter encouraged the expectant mother to go for it, saying, “I think it’s pretty normal to host your own baby shower these days, I say go for it.”

While the idea of throwing a co-ed baby BBQ may be seen as tacky by some, there are many who support the idea, especially in the context of the expectant mother living far from her family and friends.

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