They Said She Is Insensitive For Doing This In Front Of Her Infertile Cousin

Woman Gets Pregnant In Highschool

The original poster (OP) got pregnant in highschool. “I got pregnant at 17 a couple months before I graduated high school. I was subject to relentless bullying from classmates, teachers random adults.

“My life was miserable because of them mostly but I got through it,” OP said. “My then boyfriend got a job and I did my degree online while working part time and we got through it.

OP notes that her cousin is infertile due to medical reasons. “My cousin is unable to get pregnant and is medically infertile.

Trouble Ensues

“It was my mothers birthday and the whole family attended the get together,” OP recalls. “I showed my mom the scans and revealed the pregnancy at the party.

“My family is divided. Some think I should apologize to keep peace, some say I have done nothing wrong.

Others Weigh In

Many don’t think that OP did anything wrong in showing affection to her daughter. One person commented, “You don’t stop celebrating life because someone else can’t produce it.”

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