Parents Vowed Never To Do These But Ended Up Eating Their Words When They Had Kid

No Bathroom Visitors

“I thought it was SO WEIRD how people would just allow their toddler/small child come into the bathroom and just hang out while you used the toilet”.

Daddy and Mommy

“I said that I’d never refer to my husband as daddy,” one parent wrote. “At this point, he doesn’t even have a first name now. It’s just Dad.” 

Schedule Keeping

She scheduled herself, but that schedule COULD NOT be veered from unless you wanted an easy, sweet, and happy child to turn into the biggest headache you ever met. 

Nose Suctioning

Some people vowed never to use a nose suction device on their child. But once their child gets congested, those devices become a lifesaver. 

Parent Forum

Before becoming a parent, some people vowed never to get sucked into online parent forums. However, those forums can provide valuable information and support. 

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