Parenting Is More Difficult Now Than In Previous Generations - Here's Why


Work-Life Imbalance

Dual-income households and long work hours leave less time for kids. Flexible schedules are rare in today’s working environments. 

Technology Distraction

Managing screen time and constant digital connectivity for parents and children is a constant battle. 

Economic Pressure

Rising costs of housing, education and childcare put financial strain on families.

Lack of Community Support

Extended families generally live farther away, and modern neighborhoods often lack the tight-knit bonds that once helped raise children. 

Information Overload

An abundance of (sometimes conflicting) child development advice on top of less hands-on parenting can overwhelm parents. 

Health and Safety Fear

Risks like school shootings, obesity, drug abuse and other concerns create anxiety. As a result, many parents tend to become 'helicopter parents, which can induce more stress to parents. 

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