Older First-Time-Moms Discuss The Biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Babies Later In Life

40-Year-Old First Time Mom Talks About Her Experience

When it comes to having a child at a later age, there are both advantages and disadvantages for first-time moms. As one 40-year-old mother said, “Financially, I’ve been preparing for this for years

Stable Career, More Solid Relationships

The pros of having a child later in life can be numerous. Older first-time moms can have a more stable career, more time to do self-care and growth.

Physical Ailments

However, there are some downsides to having a baby later in life. As the 40-year-old mom put it, “I’ve been going to bed at 8pm for years now… it’s hard to adjust to keeping twilight hours.

Good Benefits And More Savings

As one 36-year-old first-time mom commented, “I agree with pretty much everything you’ve mentioned.

Back And Hip Pain

The pros and cons of having a baby at a later age can vary for each individual. A 34-year-old mom humorously said, “I do not have the energy anymore though and my back and hips hurt.”